Frequently Asked Questions at the Nigerian Hospital Directory

Are Hospital Listed from the 36 states in Nigeria?

Yes, including the federal capital territory.

Once we have our team inspect the facility and is sure it meets with standards of the online directory we would have your healthcare facility or gym listed.

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How do I get my Facility listed on the Directory?

We would first request for the details of the hospital facility or gym once we are sure it meets our guideline

We have various;

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How to use the Nigerian Hospital Directory?

You can use the search bar to search for Hospitals based on the listed criteria

You can also search for the hospital in Nigeria based on their listed criteria.

Do you have any special care and you would love us to recommend a hospital with an in house specialist

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I think I have come across a scam on N.H.D?

Nigerian Hospital Directory consists of a team of a qualified healthcare professional, who confirm the information before they are listed.

If you think any of the information is misleading as we would investigate, recommend and advise accordingly.

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What is Nigerian Hospital Directory?

it’s the online Hospital directory for NHIS approved hospitals, to assist visitors or users, get access to the best hospital listed, based on their specialities in healthcare in Nigeria.

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What Type of Healthcare Facilities are listed?

At Nigerian Hospital Directory, we have various types of health care facilities based on the specific professional they have working in the facilities;

Below is the list of facilities;

1. Dental Clinic
2. Diagnosis Centre
3. Emergency care centres
4. ENT Clinic
5. Eye Clinic
6. Gym & Fitness Centre
7. Health Maintenance Organization
8. Mental Health Facilities
9. Orthopaedic clinic
10. Physiotherapy Centres
11. Rehabilitation Facilities and more

In case your category is not listed;

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