Toronto Hospital Ltd
The hospital is an INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FACILITY with 160 beds making it the largest privately-owned hospital in Anambra State
2 Upper Niger Bridge Road, Niger Bridge Layout, Onitsha
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The hospital is an INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FACILITY with 160 beds making it the largest privately-owned hospital in Anambra State. It is fully licensed with the Ministry of Health, Anambra State and registered as a Limited Liability Company with the Company and Allied Corporation (CAC) Abuja Nigeria.

Toronto was established in September 1959 by HRH Igwe Dr. Walter C. Eze MA,MD,LMCC,FRSA,FINYAS (now deceased), and is being run by Prince Dr. Emeka Eze, MBBS, (Benin), FRSA (London) as medical director.

It has been remodelled to a luxury hospital with exotic designs and furnishing to meet up with international requirements of comfortable health care. Most areas are fitted with air-conditioning, a 16 seat internet café, an in-house 30 setter “home theatre cinema/ conference centre” and satellite TVs. The landscape is professionally done with greenery and flowers with a rear sit out. Mellow garden lamps are interspaced for evening ecstasy, and accompanied with an 18hr restaurant with an adjoining supermarket.

More so, management has incorporated state of the art medical instrumentations, to assist medical diagnosis and treatment. The essence is to produce a homely place, probably more exotic than most homes, but attend to medical health and patient care. In all, it is like Medicare in a 5-star hotel, yet offering charges not higher than other centres in town.

The ground floor of the hospital houses:-
Foyer and enquiry desk
Information Centre and Central Processing Unit
Medical Director’s Office
Cold Lounge (air-conditioned waiting room)
Warm Lounge (non-air conditioned waiting room)
Hospital Administrators Office
Consultant Surgeon’s, Consultant Physician, Consultant OBGYN offices
Resident Doctor’s office
Paediatrics waiting for lounge
Consultant Pediatrician’s Office
Pharmacy, Dispensary and Injection room (PDI)
Drug and Equipment Strong room
Hospital Secretary’s Office, Hospital Coordinator’s Office
Accountant General’s Office, Cashiers Office
Blood Pressure Clinic
Chemical Pathology, Microbiology and Bacteriology Digital LAB)
X-ray and radiology Department
Obstetrics and Gynecology Ward
Delivery Room, Incubator & Photo Therapy room and Maternal/Fetal monitoring computer Cubicle
Antenatal reception, Maternity card room
Dental & Maxillofacial Clinic
Out patients Toilets
Autopsy room, Morgue and Embalmment Centre
The Middle Floor consists of:-
Nursing Bay 1
Intensive care Unit
ECG/EKG room
Advanced Ultrasound Imaging room
Male and Female Surgical Wards
Matron’s Office
4 patient’s side rooms
Emergency Room (ER)
Orthopedic Theatre
Main Theatre
Washing Bay & operation waiting room and Changing room
Sterilization Unit
The Chapel of Divine Healing (30 seater mini church)
Male and female toilets and shower cubicles
The top Floor consists of;-
Nursing Bay 2
Dialysis Centre
Male and Female Medical Wards
In house Cinema, Audio Visual Entertainment Centre and Conference Centre
patient side rooms
Nurses Training Hall
Male and female toilets and shower cubicles
5 self contained exquisite executive rooms
Executive waiting lounge
The “Niger Wing” of the hospital is a massive bungalow structure pointing towards the River Niger. The Niger Wing consists of:-
The “3 Zeez” Restaurant and Bar
Pop corn Canopy
The hospital kitchen and food store
The 16 seat Internet Café
Mini mart and business centre
Catering officer/ Concierges Office
Laundry Section
Staff toilets and visitors toilets
Supporting the function and efficient running of the hospital is an independent dedicated transformer and the generator house holding our 230 KVA Industrial Cummings generator. At the rear of the complex is the industrial bore hole and the 5000 liters Water Sterilization Unit.

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